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ევროპული სტანდარტების კვალდაკავ
Paliashvili str. 39a spain ქ. თბილისი
ზ. ფალიაშვილის 39ა
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+995 322 40 28 28
+995 322 40 28 28
+995 322 40 28 28

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does the clinic has a branch?

Our clinic has only one address  and it is located only in Tbilisi, Paliashvili St. N39a.

Can we use the current promotions in the clinic if we are not living in Tbilisi?

The place of registration does not matter, all citizens of Georgia can use the promotion

How to book an appointment with doctor ?

you can make an appointment by calling  on the following phone numbers 032 2 40 27 27 or 032 2 40 28 28

How do I calculate my body mass index?

You can visit our BMI Calculator page

How much does this or that service cost in your clinic?

You can see all our services

Which country's laboratory equipment is used to do analysis at your clinic?

The analysis are done  with  the equipment which is   manufactured in Japan, Italy and Spain.

In what cases is bariatric surgery is performed?

Bariatric surgery is performed if your body mass index is 35.0 or more. if your Body Mass  index is below than 35.0 surgery can performed only if the patient has life-threatening diseases caused by excess weight.

Where we can see the ongoing promotions at the clinic?

You can see the ongoing promotions in the promotions page of our clinic 

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