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Following European Standards

David Abuladze Georgian-Italian Clinic is a diagnostic multiprofile medical clinic Founded on April 4 of 2015 year.

The name of the clinic is based on many years of experience and profesional relations between leading clinics and specialists of Italy and Professor David Abuladze, which has greatly contributed to the introduction and development of laparoscopic surgery in Georgia.

David Abuladze Georgian-Italian Clinic  promotes quality of medical care in Georgia, together with its Italian partners through the declaration of cooperation with the Medical Laboratory of Santa Agostino Hospital in Modena.

David Abuladze Georgian-Italian Clinic prepares patients for minimally invasive bariatric surgery, provides the region’s most advanced and highest quality bariatric care and best outcomes for weight loss, including evaluation, surgry, and post-operative phases. Our experienced team of bariatric surgeon,psichologist, dietitians, therapists  and cardologists are managing patients together, in order to deliver comprehensive European standards medical care.

Bariatric surgery

David Abuladze's Georgian-Italian Clinic counts more than 1,200 examples of successful  bariatric operations.


Examination of endocrine and metabolic systems, development of personalized nutrition diets by high-qualified endocrinologists, and outpatient management of chronic endocrine diseases.


The clinic is equipped with modern Italian, Japanese and Spanish high-tech laboratory equipment, where more than 250 different types of laboratory tests are carried out.

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Leading Clinic in Georgia

David Abuladze Georgian-Italian clinic highest social responsibility is determined by caring of  vulnerable members of society, our  clinic  launches permanent charity events like free treatment and diagnostic examinations for socially excluded, internally displaced persons and war veterans, our goal is to assure that all the vulnerable people  of our society  have access to high-quality medical services.

Modern equipment

The clinic is equipped with modern Italian, Japanese, Spanish high-tech laboratory equipment.


Ultrasonographic, cardiac and pulmonological diagnostics of the clinic are fully compliant with European standards

Optimal prices

The clinic employs the principle of personalized treatment tactics and a multidisciplinary team assessment method,  which  allows us to optimize the price of services while maintaining a high level of quality.

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Professional doctors

Clinic team consists of  leading specialists in their field in Georgia, who regularly participate in local and international scientific forums, are in the process of constant upgrade of their qualifications, hence the treatment provided by them is in full compliance with the world's proven, up-to-date standards.

Highly qualified team

The clinic is staffed by highly qualified doctors,they provide personalized service to each patient.


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Doctor David Abuladze

General and Bariatric Surgery

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